Dec 27, 2016

Wishing Everyone a Happy New Year — Peace, Health, and Prosperity in 2017! Our last plea for contributions in 2016.  Please join Leigh, Dennis, Melissa, Mary Ann, Robert, Liliana, Steve, Amy, Linda, Mitch, Barbara, and Harry (our Christmas and Hanukkah angels) in sharing the gifts of the season with the 500+ residents of  the Pro […]

Dec19, 2016

Our mailboxes are filled with end of the year appeals from multiple charities; our public radio stations barrage us with pleas to become a sustaining donor and receive yet one more water bottle or tote bag in return.  I’m almost embarrassed to add AFPVO’s voice to the cacaphony, but beg I must! The Pro Vita community continues to grow and […]

November 2016 – Giving Tuesday

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to all our Pro Vita supporters! We hope you enjoyed a peaceful meal with family and friends on Thursday and were successful in your Black Friday pursuits.  As an antidote to politics, shopping and leftover pumpkin pie, this Tuesday is designated as Giving Tuesday, an opportunity to start the official holiday frenzy with a donation […]