American Friends of Pro Vita Orphanage, Inc. (AFPVO) is an IRS 501 (c) (3) charity,  established to raise money from American donors to support capital improvements for the community. The majority of monies raised is dedicated to specific capital improvement projects selected annually in accordance with Pro Vita’s priorities and most pressing needs.

The Pro Vita Orphanage was established in Romania in 1991 by Father Tanase after the fall of the brutal Ceausescu regime.  It is the largest private orphanage in Romania and has expanded its mission to include support for battered women and their families, the elderly, the intellectually challenged adults, and mentally ill adults.  Today more than 400 children and adults are active members of the Pro Vita community, based in Valea Screzii and Valea Plopului, Romania, small villages about 2 hours north of Bucharest.  Mihail and Melanie Tanase have taken on the challenge of managing this very diverse community from Mihail’s father.  Their goals include increasing the levels of health, education, and productivity for all their residents as well as providing skills training to enable many of Pro Vita’s residents to become economically self-sufficient and lead productive lives outside of the community. To learn more about the Pro Vita community, check out their website at www.voluntar-provita.ro.

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