AUGUST 2022 Newsletter

Introducing our newest Board member – Kerry Garikes Kerry is a St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes (SSSAS) alum (2008) and also graduated from UVA and Yale.  She just moved to Seattle, WA where she is working as an architectural designer for a commercial architectural firm — and enjoying Seattle’s hottest summer on record!  Kerry is […]


  Donna and Frank, accompanied by niece, Phyllis, visited Pro Vita in Valenii de Munte (VDM) for a few busy days in late April. This report is lengthy but we participated in so many activities during our short stay. We found a lot of activity engendered by the approximately 100 Ukrainian refugees there.  Many of […]

April 2022 Update

  Just a brief note with a real Newsletter promised next month. Frank and Donna, accompanied by their niece, Dr. Phyllis Shelton, are flying to Pro Vita on April 25. They will spend a few days assessing the refugee situation and planning for the future.  Wish we had a crystal ball as this war appears […]

March-April 2022 Newsletter & Refugee Update

Newsletter MARCH -APRIL 2022 Board members Frank, Shelby, and Donna want to welcome Fr. Sean back from his recent trip to Pro Vita where he assessed the situation regarding the influx of Ukrainian refugees, delivered much-needed medical  devices and autism therapy tools, and interacted with all the children, many of whom he has known for […]

Ukrainian-Romanian Update #2

As of March 8, 1200 EST Pro Vita has received 59 children and 60 elderly Ukrainians.  51 children are being housed in Valenii and Posesti; 8 are in the center in Bosotani. Many of the children were apparently institutionalized under primitive conditions and have untreated autism.   We are working with a local autism therapy […]

Quick Update 3/4/22

Just a quick note to let you know that Pro Vita is actively helping Ukrainians during this horrible war.  They are accepting refugees as available space allows.  78 children arrived last night and more are due today and in future days.  The children are being evacuated from the Odessa region and are unaccompanied as the […]

2021 Annual Report

2021 ANNUAL REPORT FOR AMERICAN FRIENDS OF PRO VITA ORPHANAGE, INC. (AFPVO) This Annual Report is being published as Russia continues an unprovoked attack on Romania’s neighboring country, Ukraine, from air, land, and sea. Thousands of people are dying and large numbers are evacuating Ukraine. Romania has two separate borders with Ukraine, but we do […]


Newsletter November-December 2021 Holidays Greetings from AFPVO We salute your continuing interest in and generosity towards Pro Vita as the Tanases and staff address the numerous challenges imposed by almost two years of COVID-19. Our gratitude and thanks to our most recent contributors: Fotini C., James and Beth M., Wendell B., Adrienne F., and Leigh […]


  As summer comes to an end, it’s time to bring you up to date on activities at Pro Vita in Romania. Fr. Sean Cavanaugh was finally able to visit Pro Vita in late July and give us a “boots on the ground” report.  The photo Gallery on the AFPVO website will be updated with […]


With Orthodox Easter fast approaching, we hope you are all enjoying Spring weather and have been able to be vaccinated on the road to resuming a more normal lifestyle. Once again, our sincere thanks to our very generous sustaining contributors — those of you who have contributed since our last Newsletter — Terry K., Adrienne […]