Newsletter November-December 2021 Holidays Greetings from AFPVO We salute your continuing interest in and generosity towards Pro Vita as the Tanases and staff address the numerous challenges imposed by almost two years of COVID-19. Our gratitude and thanks to our most recent contributors: Fotini C., James and Beth M., Wendell B., Adrienne F., and Leigh […]


  As summer comes to an end, it’s time to bring you up to date on activities at Pro Vita in Romania. Fr. Sean Cavanaugh was finally able to visit Pro Vita in late July and give us a “boots on the ground” report.  The photo Gallery on the AFPVO website will be updated with […]


With Orthodox Easter fast approaching, we hope you are all enjoying Spring weather and have been able to be vaccinated on the road to resuming a more normal lifestyle. Once again, our sincere thanks to our very generous sustaining contributors — those of you who have contributed since our last Newsletter — Terry K., Adrienne […]

2020 Annual Report

  2020 ANNUAL REPORT FOR AMERICAN FRIENDS OF PRO VITA ORPHANAGE, INC. (AFPVO) MISSION: To augment the operations and maintenance efforts of Romanian contributors by creating new capabilities via physical infrastructure improvements – concentrating on “bricks and mortar” and items directly related to proper performance of the physical infrastructure. AFPVO BOARD ROLE: Make strategic and […]

December 2020

  Our warm wishes for Christmas and the New Year.  2020 has been such a difficult year for so many that we are all looking forward to turning the page and hopeful that 2021 will be a better time for everyone. The lack of Newsletters for the past few months has been due to a […]

August 2020 – Midsummer Update

We hope this finds you all healthy and getting through the Covid-19 pandemic safely. Fortunately, Pro Vita has escaped the scourge of the disease with only a very few cases reported in their geographic area and none in Pro Vita itself. The staff had to undertake a heroic effort several months ago to comply with […]

Late May Update

News from Romania:  The government has ended its state of emergency and things should begin to return to the “new normal”.  Pro Vita has not had any Covid-19 cases as of last week.  The beautiful new commercial stove for the central kitchen at Valea Screzii is ready but trapped in an Italian factory which has […]

Corrected- May 2020 Newsletter

Apologies to all, but somehow an early, unedited draft was released earlier today.  The corrected text is below: As Covid-19 continues to ravage countries around the world, Romania has not been spared.  It is still on the upswing in terms of new cases and deaths, and our dear colleagues at Pro Vita are right in […]

April 2020

With Palm Sunday spent in confinement and “social distancing” defining our Holy Week and Easter activities, we’d like to update all of our loyal subscribers on Pro Vita and Covid-19. We had a longish telephone conversation with Mihail Tanase this morning (4/6).  Although Covid-19 has imposed a number of new regulations and restrictions on the […]

March 2020 Update

Welcome to the new world of COVID-19.  Frank and I were supposed to be flying to Romania today to visit Pro Vita and assess progress with a newsletter appearing after that.  Instead we’re “sheltering in place” and hoping all of you are staying healthy, both physically and mentally.  The five seniors from St. Stephen and […]